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I Love Sketching!

Date: Tuesday June 31st, 2016
Location: Mrs. B's Transitional Kindergarten Class at Stoneridge Elementary in Roseville, CA
Description: I will be tailoring my talk about sketching for 5-year-old kids. It will be fun to have them sketching and talk about the importance and benefits of sketching. My toughest presentation yet! :) 

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UX Design for Developers, Designers, and PMs

Date: July 14th, 2016

Where: UX Design for Developers, Designers, and PMs
Location: Pivotal Labs, Palo Alto, CA
Description: Designers, Developers, and PMs - The power of sketching lies in using sketching to ideate, iterate, and communicate our ideas. It is time to gain the confidence you need to sketch in person or in front of a group. By harnessing the power of sketching we all can become sketching machines.

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