As a Senior User Experience Designer, my work is informed by my background in UX, visual design, and front-end web development to create effective designs that balance technical, business, and user needs.

My design experience includes delivering profitable results for organizations in a variety of industries such as commerce, B2B (business-to-business), retail, and transportation.

I love sketching and lead fun and inspiring workshops at conferences, businesses, schools, and meetups for audiences worldwide. I am on a mission to help the world harness the power of sketching so everyone can bring their amazing ideas to life. Yes, you too can be a sketching machine! :)

Personal Projects

Multicultural Names for Craft plugin for Sketch
A list of multicultural names to use with inVision's Craft plugin. Please submit names to help make these lists more inclusive. Looking for help with Trans and Non-Binary names.

UX Alphabet
The goal of this project is to learn about and present UX concepts. This project is also part of my writing challenge where I will write 5 sentences each day. This challenge will help me learn UX concepts and present them on my blog. Writing is a vital part of a UX Designers communication skills. By writing every day I hope to improve my writing skills and which in turn will help me communicate more effectively.