Ideal is not always the best

As designers we love to show content laid out perfectly on pages. It starts with sketching the right amount of lines to show content blocks. Next come the wireframes, so we add lorem ipsum text to the designs and continue to show the exact amount of text. All is good so far. We then move the wireframes in to visual design and now we can see our design in it's full glory. 

There is a problem however.

We accounted for the perfect amount of text to be placed in our designs and as we all know content doesn't always turn out to be the exact same length we plan it to be. 

Some of the elements we need to account for various lengths are:

  • Names
    You started out with John Doe as your text placeholder. Will your design adjust to longer, multi-syllable names?
  • Headlines
    You accounted for just two lines of text. How will your design look with three lines? 
  • Subtitles
    You accounted for one line but now you need to add three lines. 
  • Text Blocks
    If you accounted for only 10 words and not a word more. How will your design handle 15 words?

So as we can see ideal is not always the best.

We love to see the ideal amount of text in our designs. However it is important to keep the imperfect lengths of text in mind throughout the design process. This will help prevent bigger issues during the later stages which take more time and effort to correct.