Sketch Resources

Sketch is a great design tool. It reduces my cognitive load while designing and helps me save valuable time, work fast and accurately. Here are some of the Sketch plugins/templates that make Sketch the awesomest! 

Sketch Plugins

Sketch Toolbox
Your one-stop shop for all Sketch plugins. All you have to do is click install and you are ready to go. A word of warning though. You really don't need ALL the plugins all the time. 

Content Generator Plugin
This is a great plugin I use for almost all my projects. You can fill text areas with lorem ipsum, generate profile pics and create user names quickly.

Sketch Notebook
Want to add notes to your Sketch designs? Then this tool is for you. You can hide the notes and continue working on your designs. Once you are ready to send the designs over you can unhide the notes. 

Sketch Measure
Yes there will inevitably come a time where you will need to hand over the designs to developers.  With this plugin you can quickly add measurements such as distance, coordinates, properties

I will be adding more resources to this list so stay tuned for more!