We Are Not Vendors, We Are Partners. (Article Review)

The latest article by Mike Monteiro is a good reminder for us as we start an engagement with a client. Whether you work at an agency or you're a freelancer, the points Mike makes will help create a better client relationship based on mutual trust.

Some key points Mike makes in this article are:

  • We are not vendors, we are partners with our clients.
  • Research to understand the problem we are dealing with. It's not negotiable.
  • Trust the process. 
  • We are experts at what we do and the client is the expert at what they do.

Read article: https://deardesignstudent.com/lessons-we-accidentally-learned-while-running-a-design-shop-f58a9c389bf4

What are your thoughts on the agency and client relationship?

Mike Monteiro, he is a give it to me straight, hold no punches, tough love giving thought leader in the design world. His workshops and conference talks are straight to the point and evocative. 


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