How do I love thee Sketch? Let me count the ways.

A tool is a tool is a tool.

Sketch is a great tool. It has helped me speed up my design workflow tremendously.

Here are some of the things I love about Sketch.

  1. Style library
  2. Symbol library
  3. Non-destructive path editing (Boolean Operations)
  4. Ease of slicing
  5. Ease of exporting different formats and sizes (.svg, .png, .pdf, @2x, @3x)
  6. Smart guides
    1. Measuring distances between objects. (Personal favorite)
    2. Guides show up when an object is equal distance or has same width as other objects that are close by.
  7. Custom plugins
  8. Text box sizing (Automatic and Fixed)
  9. Size hinting within vertical and horizontal rulers
  10. Artboards
    1. Duplicating artboards
    2. Resizing artboards
    3. Each artboard has it's own coordinates
    4. Each artboard has it's own guides
    5. Duplicating artboards with locked layers? Not to worry. They get duplicated too!

I am sure there are many more but these are the ones that come to mind.

Sketch isn't perfect by any means either. It has its limits, quirks and WTF's. Overall for being a product in it's infancy I think Bohemian Coding has done a great job in saving us from the clutches of that other company that has us locked in to monthly serfdom fee ;)

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