Charlie's Cheap Therapy - Improv To The Rescue!

Being and introvert I am always looking for ways to improve my public speaking skills. Whether it is client presentation, a lunch presentation at work, or even communicating my ideas clearly to team members I want to make all my communication effective. Sandra Niehaus, the Creative Director at Closed Loop had suggested to our UX team that we try out Improv classes to help with our presentation/communication skills.  One of the classes she suggested was Charlie's Cheap Therapy in Sacramento which I decided to try out.  

The improv class was great. We played a lot of different games. There were many times I froze up but continued the scenes. Even though I have only taken one class I am already thinking ways to improve my performance and I am excited about continuing taking these classes.

You should definitely try out an improv class. It is fun and educational at the same time.