The Beginning

I am challenging myself to start writing on a regular basis. I truly believe that doing things frequently helps create habits. As a runner I started running shorter distances everyday to get in the habit of running even when I am tired or to break out of the mental blocks I had setup for myself. The biggest block I had created was not running on fridays and running everyday no matter what helped me get through that block.

Writing is a challenge for me to start with but I hope to break through that mental block slowly but surely. I want to chip away at the nagging thoughts of anxiety and stress when it comes to putting my thoughts on my blog. So I will challenge myself to start writing more. 

I present to you:

The Challenge: 5 Sentences

I will commit to writing 5 sentences everyday. 

So what will I write about?

I will be sharing my thoughts about User Experience Design, Usability, Interaction Design and peppering in my life experiences. 

I would love to start a conversation with you also so feel free to contact me. 

Here is to meeting all our challenges! Cheers! 

Thanks for the inspiration brianwatson &